Learning Through Play

Continuum of Curriculum for 3s, 4s and PreK Classes at CLPP:



A Developmental Approach

Children move through stages of growth and development as they are ready. At Cottage Lake Presbyterian Preschool (CLPP), we meet each child at the level of their potential, allowing them to absorb what they are ready for. Our activities, designed around a developmentally appropriate curriculum, provide competency and new challenge in a balance that fosters success, confidence, and self-esteem.

Learning happens through free play, art, circle time, science, cooking, large motor play, and field trips. Colors, letters, shapes, numbers, reading, writing and math—all abound at CLPP—they just come packaged as fun! Children will paste and paint, climb and explore, dance and sing, invent and pretend, touch and taste, mix and make friends, create and discover, imagine and wonder…

Our dedicated teachers, with advanced degrees in education, training in early childhood education and over 20 years of teaching experience, value play as the essence of learning. Through their warm attention, they encourage independence, applaud effort, and recognize each child’s individuality.

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